The stallions of Varian Arabians have long been regarded as royal lines in the Arabian breed, timelessly represented by its patriarch, Audacious ps
The Varian V Factor

From Varian bloodlines starting with Bay-Abi+ to wise outside lines hand-picked by Sheila herself, every stallion ever stood at Varian Arabians has made history. The current roster is no different, led by the beloved, world-famous Audacious ps.

Audacious ps came to Varian Arabians as an 8-year-old stallion. Sheila wanted an outcross stallion for the Varian mares that was classic in type, cheerful in spirit, and conformationally correct from the feet up. After being reintroduced to the Arabian horse world following relative obscurity, Arabian horse enthusiasts have fallen in love with this once-in-a-lifetime stallion, and he enjoys a tremendous following of his own, primarily on social media where he continues to be the face of the Varian Sire Center as the head patriarch at a grand 23 years old.

Audacious’ world-class peers are equally spectacular in scope and legacy, including Major Mac V, Mr. Mereeke V, and other outside stallions. Each stallion is nominated individually for a variety of money programs and can be found on their web pages. 

If you are interested in breeding your Arabian or non-Arabian mare(s) to any of our Sire Center stallions, please contact us. We'd be happy to assist you in determining the best cross for your mare.



  • Transported Semen
  • On the Farm Breeding
  • Breeding Contracts

If you are interested in using transported semen to breed your mare, you'll need to complete a Transported Semen Contract for breeding. Send in the completed Transported Semen Breeding Contract along with your booking fee of $250.00 per breeding. In addition to the stud fee, for breedings by transported semen there is a lab fee charge of $275.00 per heat cycle for processing, packaging and handling of the cooled, transported semen. Unless you have a particularly difficult breeding candidate, you can expect an early conception. For those with older or difficult mares, Varian Arabians will not charge a lab fee after the third heat cycle in a given breeding season. Mare owners still pay all shipping fees.

For each lab cycle fee, you are entitled to receive TWO EQUITAINERS of cooled semen per your mare's heat cycle (page 3 item 3 of contract), if needed. Each Equitainer will have TWO INSEMINATION packets. That's FOUR COVERS DURING YOUR MARE'S HEAT CYCLE. If, due to a heavy breeding schedule on the day you place your order, four packets are unavailable, then you will receive a minimum of one insemination packet in each Equitainer. You may use the inseminate packets as your veterinarian wishes. Each packet will contain between 1 and 5 billion motile sperm when shipped from Varian Arabians.



If you are interested in bringing your mare to Varian Arabians for on the farm breeding, you'll need to complete an On the Farm Contract for breeding your mare here at Varian Arabians. Send in the completed On The Farm Breeding Contract along with your booking fee of $250.00 per breeding.

We welcome your mare to be bred at Varian Arabians if possible. Mares bred here are first in line for breeding with fresh semen, before any is shipped to other clients.

If you have questions regarding booking or breeding, please call Angela Alvarez, General Manager, at (805) 489-5802 and she will be happy to assist you. You may have additional questions about the kinds of foals being produced by the Varian Arabians breeding stallions and their show ring successes. We are happy to answer these questions and share some successful marketing plans with you. Please do not hesitate to call!