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Please feel free to email Angela Alvarez directly at AngelaAlv@aol.com.
Crown Juell and Monticello Arrive to Varian Arabians | 12.8.17
Crown Juell XX and Monticello V arrived this morning to Varian Arabians! Here's a video of their arrival. The first horse is Crown Juell XX and the second horse is Monticello V. There is something stirring about seeing the walk through those historic gates. Many thanks to owner Carolyn Lesley of Lesley Farms for sending her beautiful boys to live with us! #NewDay
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Give the Gift of The Varian Way! Give that special someone in your life (or yourself!) something that will better their horsemanship forever... the gift of The Varian Way through a select and exclusive participant spot in the 2018 Hands On Clinic. Registration is now open, and will sell out quickly. Join us in sunny California April 21-22, 2018 for a weekend you'll never forget! Register here: www.VarianArabians.com/HandsOn
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Varian Arabians welcomes the beautiful black stallion, Shazhad! Varian Arabians Welcomes Shazhad to its Stallion Roster! (Triton BP x LV Iman) 2011 Black Stallion AWPA Nominated / SCID, CA & LFS Clear Stud Fee: $1,250 We're excited to welcome the bold, beautiful black stallion, Shazhad, to our stall...
Varian Arabians welcomes the homozygous black stallion, Shazhad! https://t.e2ma.net/cshare/inbound/f/vblwlb/c7c5d63e8eaa6e617484c5ec4c0b91d1
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Lisa Thompson
10 July 2017
When I was in my twenties, living in Las Vegas, my "thing" was dance. I know what you're thinking, something along the lines of very scanty clothing and big feathers on my head, but no, it was more li...
Lisa Thompson
26 June 2017
In the past few years, when we have headed out for what I call a "Dave Thompson Adventure Ride", it usually goes like this: We start out saying that it'll just be a short ride, something really easy f...
Lisa Thompson
21 June 2017
Summer has arrived. I switched out my t-shirt for a long sleeved cotton shirt, to protect my arms from the sun. Carol picked us up a little after noon and we drove out to the Greenhorn gulch trail hea...
Lisa Thompson
19 June 2017
This horse is so smart. I have ridden almost every day, sometimes little shorty rides and sometimes bigger challenging rides.  This is about one ride, about a week ago. David and I loaded up the ...
Lisa Thompson
08 June 2017
It was sort of late in the afternoon, and the horses were still up at Carol's, where they stayed while we were away on business. We got there at about 5:30 at the end of a warm day. Prestigious was ve...


  • "I’ve always known one thing about this breeding business," says Sheila Varian. "That the best way to travel down the road is to take a path right square in the middle and avoid the twists and turns as best you can." Sheila speaks from the wisdom of her near half-century Read More
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