Major Mac V
 Major Mac V brings to Varian Arabians the next step in our stallion line that is so valuable in all aspects to the Arabian breed.  We have watched Major Mac V since he was foaled with the hopes that he might grow to be the very important next step in our stallion line. 

Our highest hopes are proving true. Major Mac V has sired progeny that are true to his royal heritage, and already enjoys a worldwide following, without having stepped foot in a show ring. And he never will.

Thoughts from Sheila...
In 1959 we purchased Bay-Abi++ as a two year old stallion and in 1961 he earned US National Champion Stallion and the generations of great stallions bred by Varian Arabians began. 

Now 55 years later we very proudly present Major Mac V, a young stallion that carries the blood of 6 generations in direct line of Varian bred stallions beginning with Bay-Abi++.


2018 Breed Fee - LFG  $1850

Return breeders or breeding more then one mare to a Varian Stallion $1600

Half Arab fee $1250


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Maclintock V x Majors Tiffany GA, Foaled 04/11/12
Color:  Black bay, 4 white stockings, narrow strip in face. As confirmed by genetic color testing at VetGen labs,  Major Mac V carries the black gene and will not sire a chestnut, but will sire black.

Conformation: Starting from the ground: even round feet, short cannon bones with excellent size of bone.

Shoulder, Barrel and Hip: All in balance and conformed to perform any Western  or Hunter discipline. 

Tail: straight and carried well.

Head and Neck: Beautiful face with outstanding type, large eyes and small tipped ears. 
Moderately long, refined neck, clean throat latch with long poll and soft for ease of bridling.

Motion:  Very strong movement with very good lift and follow through of hocks.  

Temperament: Sweet minded, easy to handle, very responsive and brave.  

Breeding Info:

Major Mac V's fertility as a young stallion is exceptional both on the farm and with transported semen. He bred 60 mares as a 3 year old with a 96% conception rate. His average collection is between 14-19 billion motile sperm at 80% motility.




Nomination for Breeders Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature Stallion, Region 12 Spotlight and AWPA.

Stud Fee:

Purebred $1,850 - Multiple Mare Discount $1,600   
Half-Arab/Anglo Arab - $1,200

Multiple Mare Discounts can be a combination of stallions or one stallion and 2 or more mares


2017 Scottsdale In-Hand Presentation at RBC Show Horses Stables

2017 Scottsdale Under-Saddle Presentation


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Maclintock V

 Sire: Maclintock V who is loved by everyone that yearns for an athletic, strong, stallion with 8 inch bone and substance yet remaining refined in neck and face with gorgeous black bay coloring and perfect markings.


Dam: Out of Majors Tiffany GA, brings out crossed blood through her pedigree to broaden our gene pool.  Majors Tiffany is the type of mare that one would want to produce a colt of the importance of Major Mac V.




Major Mac VLike

We are a lucky few to be witnesses to his royal march into history. #MajorMacV #TakingHisPlace http://bit.ly/2ycKV4o
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Major Mac V - We want to congratulate Mimi Bohr of Colorado on her purchase of Shilo Mac V, a 2016 gelding sired by Major Mac V and out of the mare Shahmaara. We just know you are going to love this big strong boy. We hope you have many happy years together. Major Mac V is continuing the Varian legacy with his offspring that are becoming recognized for their classic Arabian type, wonderful performance ability and exceptional temperaments. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
2 days ago | Shares: 5 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 84
Fan Quote of the Day - Heather Gerlits, "I literally have the happiest dreams of MMV. Someday I pray those dreams will come to fruition." Major Mac V - the dream maker... making dreams come true. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
3 days ago | Shares: 4 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 68
Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight: A Loves Macnificence 2017 Colt sired by Major Mac V and out of Alasting Love++/ (Allience x True Love) Owned by Dianne Peltak. We love everything about this young colt - especially his extremely upright neck. He also has beautiful motion and a great attitude. With his natural attributes and his pedigree that's full of performance champions, we thinks there's a very good chance this boy will be Macnificent wearing a bridle and a beautiful set of red roses... Best wishes to Dianne and A Loves Macnificence. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
3 days ago | Shares: 9 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 111
Just to Demonstrate the Popularity of Major Mac V... Varian Arabians bred a total of 147 mares this year to the five stallions standing on the farm and six outside-owned stallions via shipped semen. That number, in and of itself, deserves an applause by the breeding and office staff at Varian Arabians... 147 MARES!!! Of that total number, 67 of them were bred to Major Mac V. Broken down, that means that of the 10 stallions who were used on mares this year, 46% were to Major Mac V... a horse that has never stepped foot in a show ring. That has to be a record number for an unshown show horse in America. Sheila envisioned his future, and Angela is seeing it through to fruition. He is TRULY #TakingHisPlace in the royal line of Varian stallions. http://bit.ly/2jFNPqJ
5 days ago | Shares: 24 | Comments: 12 | Likes: 225
#SoulSunday: "The way to heaven is on horseback." ~ Author Unknown #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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userimgMajor Mac V is with Lester Buckley.
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Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight: Meet the lovely Major Bliss, a Half-Arabian paint yearling filly sired by Major Mac V. Major Bliss was bred and is owned by Laurie and Ken West. We have been thrilled to have her here at Varian Arabians while she was in halter training with Mike. We think Major Bliss is pretty special and we love all the color. Way to go Major Mac V! : #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
1 week ago | Shares: 32 | Comments: 29 | Likes: 269
Fan Quote of the Day: Laura Ann Brown, "Always been a dream to have a Varian bred horse. Treasure her!!" #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight: Over The Moon V 2017 Black Filly Major Mac V x G Olympia Al Amir by Amir Jamaal x JB Oksana owned by Varian Arabians Varian Arabians leased G Olympia Al Amir from the Lackey Family in Oklahoma. We think this little filly is really something special. Once again she proves the incredible success that can be achieved pairing Varian bred horses with those of Ali Jamaal breeding. It's Major magic! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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userimgMajor Mac V is at Arabian Oaks.
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Need a little Lovey-Boost for your Monday Morning? Here it is! Meet Sihr Brigadier Mac (Major Mac V x TU Sihr With Love) – aka "Sonny" – giving kisses to his little barn buddy, a miniature horse named Scooter. There is too much cuteness in this pic to go around! Thanks to Sonny's owner, Stephanie Brown, for posting!
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userimgMajor Mac V was live — with Ismael Perez and Kristy Gillot.
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#SoulSunday: "To me, horses and freedom are synonymous..." ~Veryl Goodnight #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#SaddleUpSaturday - Sheila Varian understood that the closest bond we can have with our horse is when we saddle up. We become one; they give us wings and a completely different perspective of our world. What they receive in return is up to us. Sheila encouraged respect, kindness, clear communication, and a worthy reward for their effort. Major Mac V is Sheila's vision of the future for Varian Arabians - looks like the view is beautiful... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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userimgMajor Mac V shared Varian Arabians's album.
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userimgMajor Mac V shared a Page.
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Extending our congratulations to Toni Haigh and her Major Mac filly, Mollie Mae, for their recent reining championship AND ranch riding championship! Sheila would be proud. #MajorMacV #TakingHIsPlace
2 weeks ago | Shares: 8 | Comments: 15 | Likes: 166
Featured Sale Horse: CALIFORNIA SUN V (HA Toskcan Sun+ x Calalilly V) 2014 Bay Gelding CALIFORNIA SUN V has trot into him for generations. Just three years old and just started started under saddle by Jaime Hernandez, and we are impressed to say the least. He shows much promise as a English/Country pleasure horse. He has beautiful markings, beautiful movement, and a wonderful willing disposition. CALIFORNIA SUN V is going to be a star just like his paternal brother, 2016 U.S. National Champion Country Pleasure Futurity HA California Sage. CALIFORNIA SUN V is by multiple National Champion English Pleasure HA Toskcan Sun+. His dam, Calallily V, is a full sister to 20 time National winner Calapalooza V, a multiple National Champion English Pleasure winner. His grandsires are National Champion sire Baske Afire and multiple National Champion Park and National Champion sire Apollopalooza. His maternal granddam Calendar Girl V is a member of the Broodmare Hall of Fame. His pedigree is filled with trot and more trot. Breeders Sweepstakes and Scottsdale Signature Stallion priced at $18,000 #VarianArabians
2 weeks ago | Shares: 6 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 117
Fan Quote of the Day - Sally Malishefski, "OH MY! When he is that beautiful as a kid, what can you imagine he will grow up being!!! STUNNING!!!!" Sally is talking about the 2017 colt Heeza Mac V, sired by Major Mac V and out of the mare SSA Halima El Jamaal. This colt truly is special. We invite you to visit the Varian Arabians website to learn more about Major Mac V - the stallion bred to take the Varian breeding program into the next century. View more of his foals and a few select offspring available. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
2 weeks ago | Shares: 5 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 63
Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight - HEEZA MAC V (Major Mac V X SSA Halima el Jamaal by Dakar el Jamaal x SSA Babylonia) 2017 Bay Colt We are thrilled with the Major Mac V offspring born this year and we believe Heeza Mac V is exceptional. Varian Arabians leased his dam, SSA Halima el Jamaal from the Lackey Family in Oklahoma. We wish to thank them for the opportunity to produce this fine son of Major Mac V, bred and owned by Varian Arabians. We can't wait to see the day Heeza Mac V is undersaddle - we think he has a great future ahead of him. Visit the Varian Arabian website to see more photos of Heeza Mac V and his sire, Major Mac V, as well as breeding information for Major Mac. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
2 weeks ago | Shares: 18 | Comments: 23 | Likes: 207
Happy Labor Day from all of us at Varian Arabians!
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#SoulSunday: “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#SaddleUpSaturday - Riding, like every endeavor, requires knowledge and practice. Horsemanship is a lifelong learning process. Riding a beautiful, willing, sound minded, athletic Arabian - like Major Mac V - makes it even more special. Enjoy your journey... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
3 weeks ago | Shares: 9 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 84
Many thanks to gifted artist Toni Haigh for this beautiful painting of Major Mac V that now hangs in the Sheila Varian Museum. It truly captures his soul!
3 weeks ago | Shares: 44 | Comments: 26 | Likes: 334

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