Major Mac V
 Major Mac V brings to Varian Arabians the next step in our stallion line that is so valuable in all aspects to the Arabian breed.  We have watched Major Mac V since he was foaled with the hopes that he might grow to be the very important next step in our stallion line. 

Our highest hopes are proving true. Major Mac V has sired progeny that are true to his royal heritage, and already enjoys a worldwide following, without having stepped foot in a show ring. And he never will.

Thoughts from Sheila...
In 1959 we purchased Bay-Abi++ as a two year old stallion and in 1961 he earned US National Champion Stallion and the generations of great stallions bred by Varian Arabians began. 

Now 55 years later we very proudly present Major Mac V, a young stallion that carries the blood of 6 generations in direct line of Varian bred stallions beginning with Bay-Abi++.


2018 Breed Fee - LFG  $1850

Return breeders or breeding more then one mare to a Varian Stallion $1600

Half Arab fee $1250


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Maclintock V x Majors Tiffany GA, Foaled 04/11/12
Color:  Black bay, 4 white stockings, narrow strip in face. As confirmed by genetic color testing at VetGen labs,  Major Mac V carries the black gene and will not sire a chestnut, but will sire black.

Conformation: Starting from the ground: even round feet, short cannon bones with excellent size of bone.

Shoulder, Barrel and Hip: All in balance and conformed to perform any Western  or Hunter discipline. 

Tail: straight and carried well.

Head and Neck: Beautiful face with outstanding type, large eyes and small tipped ears. 
Moderately long, refined neck, clean throat latch with long poll and soft for ease of bridling.

Motion:  Very strong movement with very good lift and follow through of hocks.  

Temperament: Sweet minded, easy to handle, very responsive and brave.  

Breeding Info:

Major Mac V's fertility as a young stallion is exceptional both on the farm and with transported semen. He bred 60 mares as a 3 year old with a 96% conception rate. His average collection is between 14-19 billion motile sperm at 80% motility.




Nomination for Breeders Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature Stallion, Region 12 Spotlight and AWPA.

Stud Fee:

Purebred $1,850 - Multiple Mare Discount $1,600   
Half-Arab/Anglo Arab - $1,200

Multiple Mare Discounts can be a combination of stallions or one stallion and 2 or more mares


2017 Scottsdale In-Hand Presentation at RBC Show Horses Stables

2017 Scottsdale Under-Saddle Presentation


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Maclintock V

 Sire: Maclintock V who is loved by everyone that yearns for an athletic, strong, stallion with 8 inch bone and substance yet remaining refined in neck and face with gorgeous black bay coloring and perfect markings.


Dam: Out of Majors Tiffany GA, brings out crossed blood through her pedigree to broaden our gene pool.  Majors Tiffany is the type of mare that one would want to produce a colt of the importance of Major Mac V.




Major Mac VLike

Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight: SHANIA MACV 2017 bay filly sired by Major Mac V and out of Shahmaara (Om El Shahmaan x Noble Radiance). The foundation of every breeding should be based on crossing quality with quality. Major Mac V represents more than 60 years of efforts dedicated to producing Arabian horses with top quality in type, conformation, athletic ability and temperament. Combining Major Mac V and mares from the world famous Om El Arab breeding program follows this theory and the results - well - we believe this picture of Shania Mac V is worth a thousand words... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Progeny Spotlight: MACNIFICIENT (Major Mac V x Witch and Famous++) 2017 Half-Arabian Colt Owned and bred by Debbie Moss Can you see a little Huck in this special Major Mac colt??? He is out of the highly decorated Half-Arabian/Half-Saddlebred mare, Witch And Famous++, so some serious trot on both sides of the pedigree. Congratulations and looking forward to following his future success! #MajorMacV #TakingHisPlace
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SoulSunday: “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” ― Maya Angelou Be courageous - follow your dreams... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#SaddleUpSaturday: Would you like to enhance your experience and knowledge with your Arabian horse? Learn from some of the experts Sheila Varian respected the most - Lester Buckley and Brett and Margie Becker. Join us at the 2018 Hands-On Clinic and let's saddle up! Registration is now available at www.varianarabians.com #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Major Mac V and Varian Arabians congratulates Justin Mac V (Maclintock V x Jortalia V), owned by Mittenthal Arabians and ridden by Holland Stevens for being named 2017 Youth National Champion Western Pleasure JTR! #PowerOfTheV
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#TBT: Major Mac V is recognized as the heir apparent to the precious Varian Arabian sire line. However, his dam, Major Tiffany GA, pictured here, also contributes her ties to the Varian program through her sire DS Major Afire, by Afire Bey V. The family resemblance is strongly present in Major Tiffany GA in her structure, style, substance, and of course beauty. What is not evident to the eye is her genetic strength - this is witnessed in her offspring - including Major Mac V. Thank you Major Tiffany GA for the gift of your wonderful son... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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**Breaking News** LESTER BUCKLEY RETURNS TO 2018 HANDS-ON CLINIC; REGISTRATION NOW OPEN Beloved clinician and noted rider in the award-winning short film, "The First of Many," Lester Buckley will be returning as one of five clinicians in another all-star lineup of industry professionals to provide an education-packed weekend teaching The Varian Way. This impactful clinic will arm you with lifetime skills that will leave you refreshed and inspired in your journey on The Varian Way. Students may bring their own horse, or opt to use a horse provided by Varian Arabians. Auditors are welcome for part or all of the 2-day clinic. Class sizes are limited to 20 students and will sell out. Register today! http://bit.ly/2iZC4MR
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Fan Quote of the Day: Linda Arquilla, "Mighty Mac V - Major Mac V & Miz Cover Girl V. I am so excited to have a Major Mac V colt! Smart, courageous, kind and beautiful. Mighty Mac V - all heart and soul!" Congratulations to Linda and to all the owners of Major Mac V offspring! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight: Sir Blackjack Mac V - 2017 black colt, sired by Major Mac V and out of Satine IA by QR Exel x Psyches Euphoria. Part of Major Mac V's magic is his ability to nick well with mares of diverse bloodlines. He has produced spectacular foals with *Jullyen El Jamaal and Ali Jamaal related mares, with Audacious PS daughters, and with mares from the Om El Arab bred lines. Sir Blackjack Mac V proves that Major Mac V also cross beautifully with Psyche and *Padron bred mares. We love this colt's ultra classic type, balance, quality, athletic ability, as well as his wonderful intellect and personality - all very desirable traits and they are all in this wonderful son of Major Mac V. The future is looking black - Sir Blackjack Mac V... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Major Mac V and Varian Arabians congratulates Merry Mac V (Maclintock V x Merrily V) on being named 2017 US. National Champion Western Pleasure Jr Horse with Brett Becker! Merry Mac is proudly owned by Steve and Karen Freeman. #PowerOfTheV
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#SoulSunday: Sharing history and love with your family is one of the strongest bonds that exists. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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userimgMajor Mac V is with Teasha Ann.
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The Film that Made Him Famous. Have you seen the award-winning short documentary on Major Mac V? "The First of Many" is a truly remarkable 25 minutes of horsemanship, life lessons, and Sheila's last gifts to us. It is inspirational to the very core. We love sharing it occasionally to catch fans who have not yet experienced its magic. #FirstOfMany #MajorMacV
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Major MacV Progeny Spotlight: OVER THE MOON V 2017 Black Filly sired by Major Mac V out of G Olympia Al Amir (Amir Jamaal x JB Oksana), owned by Varian Arabians. We absolutely love this filly. Over The Moon proves - again - the incredible success of crossing Major Mac V on Ali Jamaal related mares. Not only is Over The Moon stunningly beautiful, she has wonderful conformation, balanced and graceful movement, and a great personality. We believe this filly will be a star in the show ring and as a broodmare. She is offered for sale at this time for $25K. Thank you to the Lackey Family in Oklahoma for leasing Varian Arabians Moon's mother, G Olympia Al Amir. This cross with Major Mac V is magic! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Fan Quote of the Day: Teresa Parker, "My happy picture for the day...oh and my man crush....." #itdoesntgetbetterthanthis This one is for you Teresa! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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***2018 HOLIDAY ITEM: "Life Lessons from Sheila" 2018 Limited Edition Calendar now on Pre-Sale!*** Give the gift of inspiration this holiday season! Based on the acclaimed film "V: The Legacy of Sheila Varian," this stunning calendar contains a full year (plus January 2019 as a bonus!) of gorgeous, historic photos and poignant life lessons by one of the wisest, most articulate horsewomen of the last century. Only 500 calendars are available. Get yours before they are sold out. Gift sets also available. Pre-Order yours today! www.evieinc.net/sheilavarianfilm
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Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight: Shania Mac V Sired by Major Mac V and out of Shahmaara (Om El Shahmaan x Noble Radiance). The beauty of this filly and her mother are undeniable. Combine this with all the wonderful qualities of her sire, Major Mac V, and you have a winning result. We are very pleased with little Shania Mac V - she is a heart stealer and she has an incredible breeding pedigree. Now that's a win-win for everyone. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Exciting news coming soon.
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#SoulSunday: "I may not always be with you, But when we are far apart, Remember you are with me, deep inside my heart..." #SheilasBoy #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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#SaddleUpSaturday: Because it feels soooo good! Have a great weekend with your Arabian horse. #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Into the woods I go to lose my mind and find my soul. http://bit.ly/2jFNPqJ
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Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight: TF KALEDONIA, sired by Major Mac V and out of TF Kampalah by Botswana. Allison Mehta of Talaria Farms and Sheila Varian were close friends who shared a love of the Arabian horse. Both women were visionary breeders. Allison's breeding program focuses mainly on straight Egyptian bloodlines and her stallion Botswana has been the leading sire at the American Egyptian Event for over ten consecutive years. TF KALEDONIA represents the blending of these two great breeding programs. TF KALEDONIA has the best of her sire, Major Mac V, plus a little something special from her dam as well. Congratulations! We think Sheila would approve... #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Fan Quote of the Day: Gina Nelson Goodwin, "His pictures on FB always stops me, just to stare at him in awe! He (Major Mac V) brings me joy!" Is there anything more beautiful than a happy, confident horse who enjoys working with their people. Major Mac V - bred to perform and bred to carry on the Varian legacy... ride on! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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Major Mac V Progeny Spotlight: HEEZA MAC V - 2017 Bay colt sired by Major Mac V out of SSA Halima el Jamaal (Dakar el Jamaal x SSA Babylonia). SSA Halima el Jamaal was leased from the Lackey family in Oklahoma and her colt, Heeza Mac V, is owned by Varian Arabians. We could not be more thrilled with this wonderful colt by Major Mac V. Heeza Mac V is everything we could have asked for and more. Major Mac V - he's making dreams come true for us and he can do it for you too! #MajorMacV #SeeThemInHim #TakingHisPlace
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userimgMajor Mac V shared their video.
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Audacious ps  Major Mac V  Always A Jullyen V  Emphasis DDA Skyefall